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CKD 3 with Creatinine 4.5: How to Avoid Kidney Failure

To avoid kidney failure has become the common topic of kidney patients. When kidney failure attacks, it will be more difficult to deal with the condition. If you have CKD 3 with creatinine 4.5, how to avoid Chronic Kidney Failure? Hot Compr...Read More

Natural Remedies for Stage 4 Kidney Disease with Creatinine 7.3

Many patients with stage 4 kidney disease are accompanied by high creatinine level and more and more patients are searching for the natura remedies. Here I will provide you some natural remedies for stage 4 kidney disease with creatinine 7....Read More

How to Prevent Kidney Failure with PKD and Anemia

As the disorder progresses, PKD patients may experience many discomforts. Eventually, kidney failure may occur. In this article, you will find ways to prevent kidney failure with PKD and anemia. ...Read More

Natural Treatment to Improve the Condition of Kidney Failure

Kidney failure is a terrible phrase for kidney disease patients. Many people think that it is beyond remedy and they will lose the confidence to life. As a matter of fact, there are some other natural treatments to improve the condition of...Read More

How to Deal with 40% Kidney Function

Kidney function declines gradually with the progression of kidney disease. When there is only 40% kidney function, what should you do? This article will provide you some information about how to deal with 40% kidney function. What does 40%...Read More

How to Cope with Nausea and Vomit in Stage 4 Kidney Disease

In stage 4 kidney disease, the kidney function is severely damaged. As a consequence, many symptoms and complications occur. Nausea and vomit are the common symptoms that people develop. How to cope with nausea and vomit in stage 4 kidney d...Read More

The Best Way to Raise Your GFR

GFR (glomerular filtration rate) is usually to reflect your kidney function, and chronic kidney disease is divided into five stages according to GFR level. To raise your GFR becomes the only way to reverse the condition. Now follow us to le...Read More

What To Do If You Miss The Dialysis

In western country, both the dialysis and kidney transplant are commonly used by end stage kidney failure and uremia patients. However, as we all know that there are many side effects and complications caused by dialysis that may affect pat...Read More

Kidney Function Below 50%: Symptoms and Treatment

Our kidneys are great excretory organs. If the kidney is slightly damaged, they can still work optimally, and no system or discomfort occurs unless kidney function declines to 50% or less....Read More

An Effective Treatment of Diabetes with Renal Impairment

Long term of Diabetes can easily cause renal impairment. We call this condition diabetic kidney disease. It can progress to kidney failure, so an effective treatment of diabetes with renal impairment is urgently needed. ...Read More

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