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Dialysis Patients Must Know: Advantages And Disadvantages Of Dialysis

Patients suffering from uremia need regular dialysis treatment, and their faces are pale and withered. It is true that this annoying disease affects the quality of life of the patients and the damage to the body is relatively large. But dial...Read More

Can Dialysis Patients Get Rid Of Dialysis, How About Successful Rate

Dialysis is the most commonly treatment to treat kidney disease, which is used to prolong life expectancy in the extent. So it is widely recommended in all over the treat kidney disease. But, due to many side effects that more and more patie...Read More

Is Shrinking of One Kidney Serious

Is shrinking of one kidney serious? some people only have one kidney when they was born, but they can live a normal life as common people. Kidney has strong compensatory function, there are only one tenth kidney tissues working and rest of...Read More

What Is Bilateral Renal Parenchymal Disease Grade 3

After a series tests such as urine tests, blood tests, B ultrasound and so on for the kidneys, the paper show that I was attacked by the bilateral renal parenchymal disease grade 3. And I just want to know the meaning of the disease. Bilate...Read More

Does High Blood Urea Nitrogen Mean Impaired Kidney Function

Early detection or prevention is important to prevent kidney disease or control the progression of the disease. Blood urine nitrogen(BUN) is one of the indicator of how kidneys are functioning. But does high blood urea nitrogen mean impaire...Read More

Four Causes for an Enlarged Kidney in Children

Parents do not have the heart to see their child suffer from any disease. Treatment should be chosen properly according to the cause resulting in the disease. Follow us to learn about Four causes for an enlarged kidney in children. - Acute...Read More

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