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Is There Any Treatment to Help Patients Stop Dialysis

Although dialysis is a treatment to help patients slow down illness progression, it is not a treatment option to help patients improve kidney function and prolong the life expectancy. Therefore, patients are eager to know is there any treat...Read More

Natural Ways To Lower Creatinine Level Of 800mmol/l

Normal creatinine level for men is 44-133umol/L, for women it is 70-108umol/L. When serum creatinine is higher than 133 and if this condition lasts for long time, it means kidneys are damaged. When creatinine is higher than 451, kidney fail...Read More

How to Control High Creatinine Levels

Serum creatinine level is an important indicator of kidney functions. The normal creatinine is about 0.5-1.2 for adults. Many factors can cause high creatinine levels such as dehydration, creatine supplement, strenuous activities or even to...Read More

Treatment For Creatinine Level 6.4, Potassium Level 17 In ESRD

We know that creatinine level of 6.4 and potassium level of 17 are higher than the normal value, but what does these numbers means? How serious the illness conditions are? Is there any effective treatment that can help lower high creatinine...Read More

Home Treatment For High Creatinine

Many people will find that they have higher than normal creatinine level while having routine physical examination or it is found while they have tests done for other illness conditions. For some people that just have slightly elevated crea...Read More

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