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Innovative Chinese Herbal Therapy for Nephrotic Syndrome with Edema

Most patients with Nephrotic Syndrome are prone to get Edema and they cannot find out an effective therapy to relieve this. Chinese herbal therapy is effective for Nephrotic Syndrome. How does Chinese herbal therapy treat Nephrotic Syndrome ...Read More

My Story of Fighting Against Edema

“Due to Lupus Nephritis, I get many symptoms, including serious edema on the whole body, poor sleep, swollen abdomen, nausea and vomiting. Before coming to the hospital, I never thought how should I do, the only thing is to wait for death....Read More

How Can You Remit Puffy Face in Nephrotic Syndrome

Please my son is having CKD stage 3 and Nephrotic Syndrome. He has puffy face and does not disappear. How can you help us to remit it completely? Pls Urgent...Read More

The Newest and Safe Treatment for Child Nephrotic Syndrome

Children nephrotic syndrome is a common glomerular disease among children especially those that are between 3-5 years. Children still have long way to go and it is very necessary to choose a proper treatment for them. Here is the current tr...Read More

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