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Should Diabetic Nephropathy Patients Choose Good Rest Or Exercise

Exercise can not only increase the consumption of sugar, but also increase the body's sensitivity to insulin. For patients with mild hyperglycemia, exercise can even replace medication. Should Diabetic Nephropathy patients choose good rest o...Read More

What Kinds Of Exercise Are Suggested To Chronic Kidney Disease

In daily life, Chronic Kidney Disease patients should strictly control diet, drinking water and persist in slow exercise. Only in this way can the disease be relieved and the quality of life improved. ...Read More

What Is the Best Exercise for Patients on Dialysis Twice A Week

Could dialysis patients do exercise? Many people are asking this question. Well, exercise plays an important role in our life, everyone needs it to keep healthy and fit. Then what is the best exercise for patients on dialysis twice a week?...Read More

Does Exercise Improve GFR in Kidney Disease

Does exercise improve GFR in kidney disease? Many kidney disease patients concern their GFR as decreasing GFR means their kidney problem is more and more serious. Improvement of GFR always denotes kidney function gets improved, and it is sa...Read More

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