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Causes and Treatment for Hiccups in Kidney Failure

Hiccups can be a signal that indicates there is wrong in our bodies one of which is the condition of uremia in patients with kidney failure. Frequent hiccups in kidney failure can affect patients normal life like eating, drinking and sleepi...Read More

Kidney Failure with Metallic Taste in Mouth and Ammonia Breath

In general, when condition develop to kidney failure, metallic taste in mouth and ammonia breath seem to become common. When waste builds up in the blood, it can cause bad breath and can alter the taste of food. Many kidney failure patients...Read More

How to Treat Constipation in Kidney Failure by Chinese Medicine Therapy

We have to say that once kidney failure patients experience constipation, the quality of life must be affected. As one of the most common digestive complaints, can it be treated with Chinese medicine therapy well? No matter what symptoms of...Read More

How to Do with Metallic or Ammonia Taste in The Mouth in Kidney Failure

Patients experience different symptoms when conditions develop kidney failure stage. Some patients may suffer from metallic or ammonia taste in the mouth. In that case, it will be a little embarrassing in the public. If you have the same pr...Read More

How to Improve Bad Breath Caused by Chronic Kidney Failure

Bad breath is a common problem, and seriously affects the peoples social interaction and mental health. For the patients with Chronic Kidney Failure, bad breath also is one of the common symptoms. In order to help the patients eliminate the...Read More

Kidney Failure: Can I Take Norfloxacin for Diarrhea

In our daily life, diarrhea is a common disease. It can be caused by many factors, such as food poisoning, bacterial infection, catch cold, intestinal problem, etc. But for the patients with kidney disease, they often can suffer from diarrh...Read More

What Kind of Diet is Recommended to Increase Appetite for High Creatinine Level in Chronic Kidney Dis

What kind of diet is recommended to increase appetite for high creatinine level in Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD)? Many patients suffering from high creatinine level in CKD may experience poor appetite, which seriously affects the patients nor...Read More

Troubled by Nausea and Vomit with Chronic Kidney Failure

Troubled by nausea and vomit with Chronic Kidney Failure? Want a natural treatment to relieve it? Come and go on reading. What are the causes of nausea and vomit in chronic kidney failure? Kidneys are responsible for cleaning the blood by f...Read More

Causes of Malnutrition in Kidney Failure Patients

In some causes, kidney failure patients may present malnutrition. Well, what are the potential causes? Please follow me to get the answer. 1. Effects of various toxins In this advanced stage, various toxins within the gastrointestinal tract...Read More

Deal with High BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) and Nausea

Is there a relation between high BUN and nausea? Nausea is just one of the gastro intestinal symptoms of Chronic Kidney Failure and usually accompanied with vomiting. Nausea and vomiting usually experienced early in the morning upon awakeni...Read More

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