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Why Patients Feel Weakness after Kidney Transplant

Kidney transplant is a procedure in which a new kidney was placed into body to replace the diseased kidney. Theoretically, the new kidney can do what the health kidney can do, which can help patients alleviate most of poisoning symptoms and...Read More

Is There Any Treatment Besides Kidney Transplant for Kidney Failure Patients

When kidney can not work at all, kidney transplant would be suggested for patients. Although kidney transplant can help patients maintain a longer life than dialysis, it is not a permanent cure for patients. Recently, more and more patients...Read More

Through Osmotherapy can One Avoid Kidney Transplant

Nowadays, kidney transplant is commonly used in kidney failure patients. But, more and more patients are realizing that it is not the best treatment. Recently, a patient is wondering that through osmotherapy can one avoid kidney transplant....Read More

How to Treat Anemia for CKD Patients in Shijiazhuang kidney Disease Hospital

Anemia makes people always feel weak and fatigued easily, which makes them do not have any energy and mood to do anything, so the quality of life will be undoubtedly affected. While is there a relation between anemia and patients with CKD?...Read More

Muscle Twitching And Anemia in ESRD: Causes and Treatment

ESRD (end stage renal disease) is the last stage of chronic kidney disease. Most patients on ESRD have been on dialysis treatment, however, various symptoms and complications still affect the quality of their life. Then what cause muscle tw...Read More

Treatment for Anemia in IgA Nephropathy

IgA Nephropathy is a kind of disease of autoimmune disorder, which means that the immune system of human body itself damages its own tissues. If patients leave it alone, patients with IgA Nephropathy will suffer a lot symptoms and complicati...Read More

Anemia in Patients with Chronic Renal Failure

Anemia can occur at every stage of chronic renal failure and cause general ill feeling, fatigue, dizziness, paleness, shortness of breath, etc. To alleviate these symptoms and treat anemia, we need first know why renal failure causes anemia...Read More

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