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What is the Treatment for End Stage Renal Failure Secondary to Lupus

In general, lupus develops into kidney failure easily and kidney failure develops into end stage renal disease quickly without effective management. Different from dialysis and transplantation, Chinese medicine gains much prominence among k...Read More

What Should I Do with Alport Syndrome and Creatinine 5.9

Alport Syndrome is an inherited disease of the kidney that can affect the inner ear and eye easily. Besides, Alport Syndrome always affects the kidneys. When it is involved kidney, patients suffer from high creatinine level easily. Patients...Read More

What Kind of Treatments to Take for Lupus Nephritis with Swelling

I am a patient with lupus nephritis and i am under prednisolone and plquenil. My weight is increasing and me feet started to swelling a few days ago. Please advice on what treatments to take for my situation. Lupus nephritis is an inflammat...Read More

What is the Survival Rate for Patients with Lupus Nephritis

lupus nephritis means is inflammation of the kidney that is caused by systemic lupus erythematous. SLE is an autoimmune disease. With lupus, the bodys immune system targets its own body tissues. Lupus nephritis occurs when lupus involves th...Read More

Is There Chinese Medicine Available for Treating Stage 4 Lupus Nephritis with Creatinine 6

Lupus nephritis develops into kidney failure easily and patients are more likely to suffer from high creatinine level. They are wondering that is there Chinese medicine available for treating stage 4 lupus nephritis with creatinine 6. Do yo...Read More

What is the Possibility to Treat Repeated Swelling with Chinese Medicine

Swelling occurs easily when someone experience kidney disease and repeated swelling appears easily when there is no effective management to alleviate it. While, what is the possibility to treat repeated swelling with Chinese medicine? Why r...Read More

What is the Best Treatment for Kidney Scarring from Lupus

Lupus Nephritis is a kind of kidney disorder with autoimmune disease, that is to say that there is problem with bodys immune system. Lupus may attack different part of kidney, which leads to kidney disease problem. In some cases, kidney fai...Read More

How Long Before Stage 3 CKD Turns to Stage 5

How long before stage 3 CKD turns to stage 5? CKD is the abbreviation of Chronic Kidney Disease and CKD stage 5 can be directly called kidney failure which is always used to describe the final consequence of both chronic kidney problem and...Read More

How to Avoid Kidney Failure with CKD Stage 4

CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) stage 4 is a very vital stage for CKD patients, as they will go to end stage kidney failure directly if they take no medical action during this period. Most of CKD stage 4 patients are prescribed with oral medic...Read More

Kidney Failure Caused by Various CKD

Kidney failure is the end stage of various chronic kidney diseases in which part of or all kidney functions have been lost. Since CKD is a group of chronically progressive diseases, the final renal failure is actually can be prevented if it...Read More

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