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What Are the Symptoms of End-stage CRF

CRF (chronic renal failure) is a chronic process in which kidney functions experience progressive and gradual decline and loss. It can be subdivided into 5 stages according to the severity of renal damages and remaining renal functional uni...Read More

How to Improve Sleep Quality of Kidney Failure Patients

There are many disorders and imbalances in kidney failure patients including alter of kidney structure, decline of renal functions, abnormalities in blood, urine and imaging examinations. Besides all these metabolic disorders, kidney failur...Read More

Nervous System Symptoms in Chronic Kidney Failure

Nervous system symptoms of Chronic Kidney Failure include a variety of conditions that will differ from one case to another, but generally include the follows: ﹡Early stage symptoms include insomnia, inattention and memory decline ﹡Seve...Read More

Tips for Remitting Itchy Skin in Kidney Failure

You may suffer unbearable itch in your skin if you are unfortunately diagnosed with chronic kidney failure which also can be called chronic kidney disease. Kidney failure and itching skin go hand in band because of the build up of nitrogeno...Read More

Will Kidney Failure Cause Bad Taste In Mouth

You may notice a bad taste in your mouth if you are a patient of kidney failure. Some patients call the taste metabolic taste and describe it as drinking iron. With a bad taste in mouth, kidney failure patients usually do not feel like eati...Read More

Kidney Failure: How to Reduce Proteinuria Naturally

Kidney failure patients are mostly prescribed with steroid medicines to control proteinuria, a essential symptom of kidney failure. These medicines contain large amounts of chemical constituent which are very harmful to our body. Therefore,...Read More

Kidney Failure: What Does Oliguria Mean

Oliguria is one of the significant symptoms of kidney failure in advanced stage and is diagnosed when ones urine output is less than 400 ml within 24 hours. It is common among kidney failure patients as it is closely related with healthy ki...Read More

Hematuria is a Common Symptom of Kidney Disease

Under normal circumstances, there is very small amount of blood in urine and it is called hematuria in clinic if there more than 3 red blood cells/high-power field. Hematuria can be classified into 2 major categories---gross hematuria and m...Read More

Respiratory System Symptoms of Kidney Failure

Kidney has the functions of producing urine, filtering metabolic wastes and toxins out of the blood and at the same time maintaining balances of water, electrolytes and acid-base. In case of kidney failure, some useful substances will leak...Read More

Kidney Failure can Cause Hyperkalemia

Serum potassium level higher than 5.5mmol/l is called hyperkalemia. The main causes of hyperkalemia are too much intake, reduced excretion, disorganization and abnormal distribution. The reduced excretion of potassium in the kidneys is one...Read More

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