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Chinese Herbs Treatment to Control Creatinine 4.7 with PKD

In very general conditions, patients with creatinine 4.7 at stage 3 kidney failure. They need to try their best to slow down illness progression and prevent further damage as much as possible. While, can Chinese herbs treatment control crea...Read More

Omega 3 and Kidney Disease

A subsequent paper in 1999 reported that there is an intimate link between omega 3 and kidney disease. What is omega 3? Is omega 3 good for people with kidney disease? Omega 3 refers to omega 3 fatty acids and it is essential to protect rem...Read More

A Healthy Diet for People Just on Dialysis

Once you start dialysis, you may find your diet has to make some changes to meet the new need of your body. If you just go on dialysis,you can follow me to learn how to make a healthy diet for people just on dialysis....Read More

Can People with Kidney Disease Drink Coconut Water

Can people with kidney disease drink fresh coconut water? Recently, some people have consulted us this question, so we would like to tell them whether they can drink young coconut water. Coconut water is nutritious clear liquid inside the c...Read More

Can People with FSGS Eat Banana

Can people with FSGS eat banana? I know a lot of FSGS patients are looking for the answer, because they pretty love the good taste of banana but they dont confirm whether banana is good for them. Therefore, today, we are here to give them t...Read More

Is Watermelon Good for Kidney Disease Patients

Is watermelon good for kidney disease patients? Watermelon is great fruit especially in hot season, so many people with kidney disease wants to know the answer. Today, you can get the answer from the following content. For people with kidne...Read More

Is Onion Good for People with High Creatinine Level

Onion is a very common food in our daily life, so many people pretty love its mild spicy food. However, is onion good for people with high creatinine level? Kidney disease patients whose creatinine level is elevated must want to know the an...Read More

Can People with Kidney Disease Eat Nuts

For people with Kidney Disease (PKD), what they eat plays an important role in their whole treatment. Nuts are common food in our daily life and favored by many people. Can people with kidney disease eat nuts? You can get the answer from th...Read More

Can People with Kidney Disease Eat Parsley

Patients with kidney disease are always reminded not to eat any food blindly. I know many patients with kidney disease pretty love the good taste of parsley,so they must want to know “can people with kidney disease eat parsley”....Read More

5 Foods Are Good for Our Kidney Health

It is widely known that a balanced diet contributes to a good health, so adjusting our diet is extremely important for us to live healthily. In our daily life, some foods are especially beneficial to our kidney, and putting these foods in o...Read More

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