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Can Natural Treatments Help Reduce Protein 8g in Urine

Clinically, as long as protein in urine is more than 3.5g per 24 hours, it indicates that there is something wrong with your body. And you need to take prompt measures as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Recently, a lot of patien...Read More

Some Advice on the Treatment of Excessive Protein in Urine

Excess protein in urine indicates that the kidney is less likely to work normally. With various toxins and wastes depositing in blood, symptoms and discomforts appear on the body, therefore, patients are eager to know some advice on the tre...Read More

Are There Natural Herbs for Reversing Protein in Urine

Protein occurs in urine means that there is something wrong with kidney function. Generally, steroids treatment would be the first choice for patients to reduce protein in urine. But, it also causes patients to go through many adverse effec...Read More

How Can I Reduce the Protein In Urine Naturally

Protein in urine is also called proteinuria, which means that there is something wrong with kidney function. It means that the kidney is unable to absorb proteins or red blood cells into body again. Protein in urine refers to that there is...Read More

How Can Patients Stop Protein Leakage from Kidney

Protein in urine is commonly experienced in kidney disease patients and it means that there is something wrong with your kidney function. Although it does not make any pain to patients, it indicates that your kidney function decreases. Pati...Read More

Is There Any Treatment to Stop Protein Leakage with Diabetes

Doctor, I have protein leakage which is damaging my kidneys recently, I diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Is there any treatment to stop this happening ? This is a message left by a patient, do you have any questions you want to consult? If s...Read More

Is There A Cure to Help Patients with Intractable Proteinuria Get Better

Intractable proteinuria means that protein occurs in patients urine over and over again and there is no effective treatment to deal with it. As a result, patients are eager to know is there a cure to help patients with intractable proteinur...Read More

How Can I Treat Lose of Protein in Urination Over and Over Again

Loss of protein in urination is commonly seen in kidney failure patients, and it is a indication of decreasing kidney function. Besides, if protein in urination relapses over and over again, therefore, patients are wondering that how can th...Read More

The Best Hospital to Treat Intractable Proteinuria with Diabetes

Proteinuria is a early and common sign of diabetes. Although proteinuria does not make any pain to patients, it indicates that there is severe damage with your current kidney function. In western medical filed, they may have no effective tr...Read More

Hemofiltration Treatment for Renal Failure

Hemofiltration is to use a pump or the patients own pressure to make blood flow into a filter and excessive fluid and solutes will be filtered under filtration pressure. At the same time, substitute will be supplied to the blood so as to ac...Read More

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