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Complications and Prognosis of Horseshoe Kidney

Horseshoe kidney is the congenital anomalies with the alliance of the two metanephrogenic tissues. Due to the alliance of the two kidneys occur before the rotation, so the kidneys and ureter always toward the front. With the renal malformat...Read More

How to Prevent Chronic Kidney Disease Caused by Gout

Gouty nephropathy also can be called uric acid nephropathy which is caused by the increased blood uric acid and the deposition of urate crystal in the kidneys, damaging the kidney tissues, especially for the renal tubules. For patients with...Read More

What Can Cause Kidney Size to Shrink

Many kidney disease patients are wondering what they should do with the atrophic kidneys. However, if wanting to know what the efficient treatment is, to know what can cause kidney size to shrink is necessary. If you are interested in this...Read More

Stage 3 Kidney Disease: Is Creatinine 3.5 Dangerous to Me

Questions: Hello, doctor! I was hit by the news that I am troubled by stage 3 kidney disease now. It comes out of the blue in one regular physical examination with no obvious sign. My test report shows that my creatinine is 3.5. Is that dan...Read More

How Long Can You Live with GFR 14

How long can you live with GFR 14? This is a hotly discusses question. Many people who are troubled by kidney disease are concerned with the life expectancy. In this article, lets talk about this question. GFR is considered to be the best i...Read More

Water Pills and Kidney Disease

Kidney disease patients may be familiar with water pills(diuretics), well, are these medicines beneficial or harmful? Luckily, experienced nephrologists here will guide you to find the answer. Kidneys are two bean-shaped significant organs...Read More

Healthy Benefits of Tulsi for Kidney Disease Patients

Tulsi, or basil, is common plant in South Asian countries. Here, you will have a basic understanding about it’s benefits for kidney disease patients....Read More

What Does 40% Kidney Function Mean

Recently, many people consult us what does 40% kidney function mean. They are afraid about their conditions with only 40% kidney function. Actually, you need not worry about it, the reasons are as follows. As we all know that everyone has t...Read More

What Is The Meaning Of 20% Kidney Function

What is the meaning of 20% kidney function ? As we all know that chronic kidney disease can be divided into five stages and in general, patients who only have 20% kidney function perhaps belong to chronic kidney disease sage 4, a kidney exp...Read More

What Does Low GFR Mean

Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) indicates how well the kidneys are working. However, once you are tested out low GFR, for example your GFR level is 5ml/min, you must wonder what does low GFR mean" and how to improve GFR....Read More

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