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How to Help My Father Reduce Blood Urea Nitrogen Immediately

My father age 67 years. Blood urea nitrogen level suddenly jumped from 90 to 165 in 15 days. Creatinine level is 5. I just want to know immediate treatment to reduce blood urea nitrogen level to reduce risk of heart/kidney failure....Read More

IgA Nephropathy, Creatinine 1.21, Proteinuria

The following is about some reports with different dates: 1997, urine protein ++, urine protein in 24h is 1698mg, the sizes of kidneys are 10.9 and 10.7; 1998-1999, urine protein is more than 9g; 2012, left kidney 10.1, right kidney 9.6, one...Read More

Kidney Failure, 45 Years, Dialysis

My wife, 45 years old, has Chronic Kidney Failure and she is on dialysis now, for both of kidneys are failed. She failed to urinate, since last year, because of her bladder problem. What Can I do to change her condition better?...Read More

How Long Can Patients Live with Dialysis and Diabetes

I am a diabetic and have begun dialysis for two years. Now, I even cant walk. How long can patients live with dialysis and diabetes?...Read More

Creatinine 6.0 mg/dl, BUN 54.9 mg/dl, GFR 15%

My uncle is 54 years old and suffering from kidney failure. His doctor tells us his latest report shows that creatinine 6.0 mg/dl, BUN 54.9 mg/dl and GFR is about 15%. Now, he hasnt begun dialysis. We urgently want to know how to lower his...Read More

Creatinine 10, 300~400ml Urine Output, Proteinuria ++

My father has Polycystic Kidney Disease, and his latest report shows creatinine 10, present 300ml~400ml urine output for 24 hours and proteinuria ++. The doctor told me that my father has lost the corticomedullary differentiation. Now, he is...Read More

Body Weak after Dialysis

Why I am feeling my body is very weak now after dialysis yesterday? I am going 3 times a week for dialysis, because both my kidneys are working quite less. Can you tell me the cause of body weak after dialysis?...Read More

Lack of Concentration in Kidney Disease

Lack of concentration in kidney disease usually affect many patients life quality largely, because it is difficult for them to do anything very well. Therefore, exploring the cause and management is necessary for these sufferers....Read More

Can Dialysis Cause Diarrhea

Can dialysis cause diarrhea, doctor? My mother is on dialysis. She has had severe diarrhea often for about one year. We have consulted the dialysis center, but they said it is not caused by the dialysis. From what Ive read it definitely can...Read More

What Herbal Tea Is Good for People with Renal Failure

For people with renal failure, they should pay much attention to what they drinks and what they eat, because a healthy diet can assist their whole treatment largely. According to dietitian, some herbal tea cans can help protect patients kidn...Read More

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