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What are the Treatment Option for Stage 5 Kidney Failure

Stage 5 kidney failure has been considered as the end stage of renal disease, which requires patients receive treatments as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Therefore, patients have irresistible urge to know what are the treatmen...Read More

How Long Does It Take for Stage 5 Kidney Failure to Reverse into Stage 3 Kidney Failure

At present, stage 5 kidney failure is the end stage of renal disease. Revering illness condition into stage 3 kidney failure means that patients will feel less poisoning symptoms and you get a lot of chances to live longer. While, how long...Read More

TCM for End Stage Chronic Renal Failure

In recent years, more and more people with chronic renal failure turn their attention to traditional Chinese herbal medicines (TCM). Here, you can know the effect of TCM for end stage chronic renal failure....Read More

Chinese Herbal Medicine for Renal Failure

How does Chinese herbal medicine for renal failure work? Suffering from the side effects of dialysis and the long waiting list of matched kidney makes many patients with renal failure try to find out another treatment in herbal medicines. F...Read More

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Treatment

What is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy? Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is based on Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) with the combination of advanced medical technology---osmoscope. According to the each patients specific illness...Read More

How to Treat Kidney Failure Naturally

We all know that it takes much longer time to cure a disease than developing the disease and this is especially true with kidney disease. It usually takes years to develop kidney failure, so we can see that we can not expect recovery overni...Read More

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