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Causes, Damage and Treatments for Low Blood Pressure after Dialysis

When it comes to dialysis, we may come up with kidney failure. Yes, dialysis is a common treatment for the End-Stage Kidney Failure, because it can help the patients remove the excess metabolites and toxins to slow down the progress of dise...Read More

Hiccups and High Fever with IgA Kidney Disease after Dialysis

Many patients with IgA kidney disease after dialysis often experience hiccups and high fever, which affects their daily life seriously. So, what cause hiccups and high fever with IgA kidney disease after dialysis? Next, please see the follo...Read More

Why the Patients with Kidney Failure Need to Receive Dialysis

For the patients with kidney failure, dialysis is one of the important treatments. At present, many patients with kidney failure are relying on dialysis to maintain life. So, why the patients with kidney failure need to receive dialysis? wh...Read More

Is Dialysis the Best Treatment for Kidney Failure with Poor Appetite

Dialysis is the common treatment for kidney failure, so someone asks that is dialysis the best treatment for kidney failure with poor appetite? Because the pain caused by appetite is so torturous, the patients are eager to know the best tre...Read More

Is Hemodialysis Suitable for Severe Anemia in Kidney Failure

Kidney failure has many complications that can worsen over time, such as hyperkalemia, hyperphosphatemia, anemia, etc. On the contrary, these severe complications also can aggravate their kidney damage. For kidney failure, hemodialysis is a...Read More

Low Blood Pressure on Hemodialysis

It is known to all that hemodialysis will bring a series of side-effects to patients with kidney disease. Low blood pressure is the common one. Do you know why patients suffer from low blood pressure while on dialysis? This article will giv...Read More

What to Do with Leg Cramps on Dialysis

Muscle cramps occur frequently in patients who are on dialysis. It can involve the feet, arms, hands and most commonly in leg. It can be painful and bring patients a lot of troubles. What to do with leg cramps on dialysis? It is estimated t...Read More

What are the Complications of Hemodialysis

Hemodialysis is a commonly used method to treat ESRD. Adequate dialysis can not only help promote the prognosis but also improve the patients life quality. However, there are still some complications: 1. Cardiovascular complications For exa...Read More

What are the Side Effects of Hemodialysis

For end stage renal disease patients, they have to take dialysis, weather hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis so as to alleviate symptoms and sustain life expectancy. However, dialysis is just a machine to replace part of kidney functions....Read More

What is Hemodialysis

Hemodialysis as of now is most commonly used blood purification technology for kidney failure patients and refers to a medical method that is used to achieve the extracorporeal removal of waste products such as creatinine and urea when kidn...Read More

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