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Is It Really That Chinese Herbal Medicines Can Turn Down Dialysis

After reading our article in this website, more and more patients consulted ONLINE DOCTOR, is it really that chinese herbal medicines can turn down dialysis? Here we will give the specific answers. ...Read More

Can Patients with FSGS Keep Away from Dialysis

Focal Segemental Glomerulosclerosis is a condition in which a partial of glomerulus run into sclerosing lesion, it is more likely that once patients was diagnosed with FSGS, dialysis is the only option for them to keep alive. In meantime, p...Read More

Headache in FSGS: Cause and Treatment

Headache is the common symptom of FSGS, the sever pains suffer from the symptom urge patients to know the cause and treatment. The cause of headaches in FSGS: 1. FSGS can lead to the kidney hypoxic-ischemic which can stimulate the renin sec...Read More

Treatment for Swollen Ankles from FSGS Kidney Disease

FSGS is the common kidney disease which refers to the glomerular injury. When the renal cells are injured, with the kidney functions of barrier and filtration decline, the protein will leak into urine and. With the lose of protein, the lock...Read More

Can FSGS Cause Gout

Gout means severe pain and swelling in one or more joints, which is caused by uric acid in blood. But FSGS patients usually have the symptom of gout. While, can FSGS cause gout? How to alleviate the pain caused by gout for FSGS patients? Ne...Read More

Natural Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis Treatment

Without treatment, primary FSGS will usually lead to kidney failure where the only treatment options are dialysis or kidney transplant in many countries. Now follow us to learn about natural Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis treatment and...Read More

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