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Can You Drink With Kidney Disease

Recently, some patients consult us can they drink with kidney disease. To this question, the answer coming from kidney experts as follows: The advantages of drinking with kidney disease: It is well known that alcohol plays an important role...Read More

Is Egg Whites Harmful to Stage 3 Kidney Disease Patients

Is egg whites harmful to stage 3 kidney disease patients? Are they suggested to eat egg whites? If you care about these questions, you will surely not only find the answer also get some new knowledge. Is egg whites harmful to stage 3 kidney...Read More

Is Celery Good For Kidney Disease Patients

In our daily life, it is not difficult to find that many people love to eat celery and celery is a necessary food in our diet everyday. However, is celery good for kidney disease patients? The following may give you the answers. Modern stud...Read More

Can You Eat Mushrooms with Renal Disease

Mushroom is a kind of high protein and low fat health food which are rich in amino acids, minerals, vitamins, polysaccharides and other nutrients needed by our body. So for this reason, it is a necessary vegetable in our diet everyday. Howe...Read More

Stage 3 Kidney Disease: Can I Eat Sweet Potatoes

Stage 3 kidney disease means the moderate reduction of kidney function, kidneys normal ability has been affected. All the kidney disease patients are suggested to keep a healthy diet. Then can stage 3 kidney disease patients eat sweet potat...Read More

What to Know When Kidney Disease Patients Are on Low-Protein Diet

A low-protein diet is commonly suggested to people with kidney disease. It can not only maintain relatively good nutritional status, also relieve some symptoms. So a low-protein diet is an important part in kidney disease treatment. If you...Read More

Can You Have Carrot Juice on a Kidney Diet

Due to its rich nutrition, carrot is also called small ginseng by people. As we all know that carrot juice contains lots of carotene and vitamin C and both of which are beneficial to the growth and development of peoples body. Moreover, jui...Read More

Are Bananas Bad If You Have Chronic Kidney Disease

Banana is one kind of favourite fruits for many people. However, if people have chronic kidney disease, are they allowed to eat bananas? Whether can we say bananas are bad if people have chronic kidney disease? Now follow us to find the ans...Read More

Can A Person with Chronic Kidney Disease Eat Pears

Patients with chronic kidney disease are commonly suggested to keep a reasonable and healthy renal diet. Now follow us to see whether can a person with chronic kidney disease eat pears. Renal diets often allow chronic kidney disease patient...Read More

Is Mushroom Good for Kidney Disease Patient

I have a boyfriend on dialysis. He has no use in kidneys. Is it OK for him to eat a small mushroom? Well then, is mushroom good for kidney disease patient?...Read More

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