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Can I Eat Orange With Kidney Failure

Orange is one delicious fruit which is of high nutritional value to human health. It contains rich protein, organic acid, vitamins as well as many essential elements that our body needs such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and pot...Read More

Lists of Foods To Avoid With Kidney Problems

Under normal circumstances, our kidneys can help discharge metabolic wastes and toxins as well as excessive water and electrolytes out of the body. However for patients suffering from kidney problems, they need to be more careful with what...Read More

Can Chronic Kidney Failure Patients Have Coffee

Coffee contains caffeine which has many benefits to us. It can stimulate the brain cortex, eliminate drowsiness, strengthen senses of touch and contemplative faculties, regulate heart functions, dilate blood vessels and diuretic effect. Pro...Read More

Can Kidney Failure Patients Have Garlic

Garlic is a common seasoning and it can also be taken as one medicine. Garlic is nutritional and its many benefits to human health have been widely known by the public such as sterilization, anti-tumor, anti-fatigue, anti-aging, protecting...Read More

Foods to Avoid If You Have Renal Failure

Diet is one important aspect for renal failure patients. Reasonable foods and nutritions can reduce retention of metabolic wastes and slow down progression and worsening of renal failure. On the contrary, improper foods can have direct impa...Read More

Fruits and Vegetables that Kidney Failure Can not Eat

For kidney failure patients, toxins and wastes produced by what they eat can not be discharged outside efficiently, therefore they should pay more attention to what they eat so as to reduce burdens to the kidneys. Proper and reasonable diet...Read More

Diet Guidance for Renal Failure Patients

Chronic renal failure is characterized by retention of metabolic wastes and toxins, disturbed water, electrolyte and acid-base as well as endocrine dyscrasia with the progressive and irreversible loss of kidney functional units. The common...Read More

The Harms of Drinking Alcohol to Kidney Failure Patients

It is widely known that too much of alcohol is a great threaten to our health while drinking small amount of alcohol is benefit to our body. However, can kidney failure patients drink alcohol? The answer is no and here is the reason. The sa...Read More

Proper Diet Adjustment for Chronic Renal Failure

Proper diet adjustment according to the patients illness and physical conditions is the most fundamental and effective measure for non-dialysis treatments and is also the basis for all medicines and treatments. Proper foods and eating habit...Read More

High Quality Protein Is Good for Kidney Failure Patients

You may find it is hard to found out how much protein you need to ingest with kidney failure, as too much protein will worsen your kidney condition and too less protein will lead to malnutrition and other physical problem. Actually, in that...Read More

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