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Herbs For Proteinuria

What are the herbs for proteinuria? Proteinuria, just as its name implies, is associated with massive protein in urine (more than 150mg/24h) and it is one of the dominant symptoms of kidney failure. Many medicines like hypotensive drugs can...Read More

Home Remedy For Proteinuria in Chronic Kidney Failure

What is the home remedy for proteinuria? Proteinuria is an abnormal medical condition that can be caused by many illnesses and Chronic Kidney Failure is a dominant one. For patients with proteinuria due to kidney problem, effective reducing...Read More

Creatinine 10, 300~400ml Urine Output, Proteinuria ++

My father has Polycystic Kidney Disease, and his latest report shows creatinine 10, present 300ml~400ml urine output for 24 hours and proteinuria ++. The doctor told me that my father has lost the corticomedullary differentiation. Now, he is...Read More

Poor Control of Proteinuria Accelerates Nephrotic Syndrome To Kidney Failure

Management condition of proteinuria means a lot for Nephrotic Syndrome patients, as a poor control of this symptom will accelerate illness condition to kidney failure stage. What is proteinuria? Proteinuria refers to a medical condition in...Read More

How to Manage Proteinuria in Chronic Kidney Failure

Effective management of proteinuria slows down progression of Chronic Kidney Failure and helps to improve prognosis. However, many Chronic Kidney Failure patients know nothing about how to mange proteinuria. Proteinuria accelerates Chronic...Read More

Does Patient With Creatinine 5 And Proteinuria Require Dialysis

Dialysis is one important renal replacement therapy to help chronic kidney failure patients to have longer life expectancy. However it is often the case that once dialysis is begun, it is really very difficult to get rid of it, therefore bo...Read More

Relationship between Kidney Failure and Proteinuria

When it comes to the causes of kidney failure, many patients complain it is their proteinuria that brings them kidney failure. Actually, proteinuria is just one of the symptoms of kidney failure and it is not the root causes at all. Protein...Read More

Kidney Disease and Protein Loss in Urine

Protein in urine is the most common abnormality in routine urine test. Some people are so scared and wondered weather they have kidney disease or not. First we need to know not all protein loss in urine is pathological. There are two kinds...Read More

Foamy Urine in Renal Failure Patients

Proteinuria is the common clinical symptom and abnormality in laboratory test of renal failure and patients often will find their urine is foamy and at the same time back pain, tiredness, general ill feelings are often accompanied. Proteinu...Read More

Kidney Failure: How to Reduce Proteinuria Naturally

Kidney failure patients are mostly prescribed with steroid medicines to control proteinuria, a essential symptom of kidney failure. These medicines contain large amounts of chemical constituent which are very harmful to our body. Therefore,...Read More

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