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Can Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Failure Be Reversed

Once Kidney Failure is present, it means more than 50% of kidney functions have been damaged. Some symptoms may appear, such as proteinuria, edema, fatigue, weakness, etc. Patients with stage 4 kidney failure may wonder can it be reversed wi...Read More

Toxins-Removing Treatment Helps Bring Down Creatinine Level 533umol/L

High creatinine is one of the common manifestations of Kidney Failure. In order to live a high quality life, a increasing number of patients prefer to take natural therapy. Toxins-Removing Treatment of Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of TCM ca...Read More

Is There Any Treatment to Activate My Kidney

Kidney Failure is a illness condition in which the kidney is unable to eliminate various toxins and wastes products out of body completely. In kidney failure, there must be several diseased cells and tissues or even dead cells and tissues i...Read More

Kidneys Working Only 42%, Can It be Recovered

When kidneys are damaged, the function for eliminating various toxins and wastes is decreased. As long as kidney function is reduced, your body is more likely to suffer from changes. While, is there any chance to recover 42% kidney function...Read More

Does Toxins-Removing Treatment Work Creatinine 11 and Proteinuria

High creatinine and proteinuria are the common signs of kidney disease. As long as you find that you are suffering from the two signs, please see the renal doctor as soon as possible or you can add WhatsApp/Viber/Wechat+008618203203537 to k...Read More

What are the Effective Ways to Help Patients with CKD Stage 4

When patients are at stage 4 CKD, there must be a large amount of toxins and wastes building up into your blood, and the deposition of toxins and wastes in blood is unbearable for patients. Therefore, patients are eager to know what are the...Read More

Is There Still A Chance to Fix My Kidneys with Chinese Medicine

Kidney damage occur easily when there is something wrong with kidney function. The kidney can not achieve its function as it should do, therefore, more and more people tend to find a treatment to fix kidney damage. Please add WhatsApp/Viber...Read More

What Can I Do to Repair Kidney Failure Via Chinese Medicine

Repairing kidney failure refers to that your kidney damage occurs in your kidney and a treatment would be required to repair the kidney damage. While, patients would like to seek for a treatment to repair kidney failure instead of dialysis...Read More

Are There Treatments I Can Use to Help Get Kidney Function Again

Decreasing kidney function is commonly experienced in kidney failure patients and they are bound to experience various poisoning symptoms and complications. While, there are wondering that are there treatments I can use to help get kidney f...Read More

Can Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Help Patients Get out from Dialysis

Normally, dialysis would be suggested for patients who suffer from chronic kidney disease. However, dialysis is not a effective way to deal with it, besides, patients also suffer from various adverse effects with dialysis. Therefore, patien...Read More

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