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What is Taijiquan

What are the benefits of practicing Taijiquan

How much Taijiquan should I take

What is Taijiquan?


Taijiquan, also known as Tai Chi is a traditional Chinese shadow boxing of thousands of history and has been greatly developed with Chinese people’s constant practices. It is series of slow, meditative and rhythmic body movements designed for self-defense, enhancing relaxation and promoting inner peace and calm. Through practicing Tai chi, the weak can become stronger, the diseased can have quick recovery and the elderly can improve their life quality and enhance longevity.

What are the benefits of practicing Taijiquan?

There are many benefits by practicing Taijiquan.

Tai chi is a popular sport and exercise among the Chinese people and recently it has attracted a lot of foreigners. Long term practicing of Tai chi can help delay aging, improve flexibility, balance and muscle strength. Tai chi is often combined with other treatments for high blood pressure, depression, neurasthenia, diabetes, arthritis, digestive diseases, heart disease and many other diseases.

1. Increase balance, flexibility, strength and endurance

People who practice taijiquan have better abilities of measuring balance, muscular strength, durance and flexibility. Improving balance can help reduce fall frequency and hip fracture in the elderly.

2. Relieve stress and pressure. Since the movements in Tai chi are slow and meditative, it can help decrease stress and anxiety. People can feel peaceful and relaxed and the quality of sleep will be improved and a series of digestive disorders such as loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting will be greatly improved.

3. Increase aerobic capacity. Taijiquan can be an additional form of aerobic exercise and it can promote blood circulation and metabolism in the lymphatic system, increase blood and oxygen supply to the body so as to improve the heart and lung functions.

4. Improve longevity. Years of practicing Tai chi are beneficial for those that are suffering from various chronic diseases such as chronic digestive diseases, neurasthenia, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and indigestion and rheumatism arthritis so as to improve patients’ life quality and enhance their longevity.

Besides, taijiquan has many other benefits:

Increase energy and stamina

Improve joint pain

Enhance the immunity

Make people feel comfortable and relaxed

How much taijiquan should I take?

There are many types of tai chi and there are many movements for people to choose according to their age, gender, physical and illness conditions. For example, older people and weak people can choose more gentle movements and young people can do some forceful movements.

Since it requires very little space and do not require special equipment besides comfortable and loose clothes, it can be done anywhere and at anytime. But it is better to have regular exercises. Give tai chi 15 minutes every day can enable a healthier body and mind. Of cause, you will have more greater benefits if you practice tai chi for the long term.

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