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Chronic Kidney Failure Treatment

Here is on currently available treatment methods for chronic kidney failure, including chinese medicine, blood purification, dialysis, blood plasma exchange, Immunotherapy, etc.

Shortness of Breath And Renal Insufficiency: Take The Natural Treatment Of Chinese Medicine

Renal failure means that patients have been severely damaged kidneys with renal function decline, patients suffer from various symptoms. Shortness of breath is a common disease that complained for many patients. Indeed, Treatment of Chinese ...Read More

Solutions to Control Kidney Failure and Creatinine 446 Naturally

Hello, I have been diagnosed with kidney failure. And my creatinine level is 446. The doctor said that I have no option but dialysis at least. Is there any solutions to help me naturally? This is a message left in our website for a Iranian,...Read More

Is There Any Way to Reduce the Number of 3 Times / Week of Dialysis

Visitor: Hello, doctor. I am a kidney failure patient and have dialysis 3 times / week. And I have muscle cramp for several hours after dialysis. Is there any way to reduce the number of dialysis? Please kindly advice. ...Read More

The Number of Dialysis Is Reduced With Chinese Medicines

Dialysis is wildly used in many countries as it has the effects to remove the extra water, toxins and wastes from the blood. However, the patients have to spend much time on it, and put up with many sufferings caused by dialysis. For boosti...Read More

Systemic Edema Do You also Suggest Hormone or Dialysis

Good evening, doctor. I have systemic edema, making me lie on the bed. Our doctor gave hormone, but it did not work. Today, he said I need to do dialysis. I am afraid. I am only 27 young. Do you also suggest hormone or dialysis...Read More

What are Options out of Dialysis for My Son

Hello, doctor. I am in behave of my son. Actually his two kidneys got failed and the treatment of dialysis was begun. During that process, he even didnt tolerate and he got fever now. He is going to toilet frequently in the night. Does this...Read More

How Many Chances That My Father’s Kidney Work Again

My father has kidney failure. He done dialysis. Before dialysis, test creatinine 5.5, after dialysis test report shows result 4.7. what is it mean. And how much chances that kidney work again...Read More

Aside From Transplant Is It Possible to Improve Renal Function

Transplant is a common solution to make the patients eliminate toxins by themselves. And it is considered as the only way to save the kidney failure patients. However, due to its shortcomings, many patients wonder is it possible to improve...Read More

What Should We Do in Diabetic Hypertension and Creatinine 2.6

I have diabetic and hypertension . Today my creatinine level found 2.6. Please advice. Feeling no symptoms. Awaiting your kind support. Thanks. Hello, please do not worry, your creatinine level can be lowered naturally with available remedi...Read More

What Is Your Option For My Father With Creatinine 3.64

My fathers creatinine is 3.64 and he is suffering from diabetes and hypertension for years. Now, the doctor want to put him on dialysis. What is your opinion in this case? Please do not worry. Dialysis is not the only option for the patient...Read More

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