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Treatment Options for 15% Renal Function in Chronic Kidney Disease

2013-09-07 16:56

What are the treatment options for 15% renal function? If only 15% kidney function is left, what can chronic kidney disease patients still expect? Now follow us to see whether there still has some hopes.

Firstly, chronic kidney disease patients should know that 15% renal function can tell the condition is already in the late stage of chronic kidney disease stage 4. The kidneys have already been damaged very severely. Now let’s see the treatment options for 15% renal function.

Dialysis and kidney transplant

Dialysis and kidney transplant are the common treatment options for 15% renal function in many countries. Dialysis can be very necessary sometimes and help relieve some symptoms or complications to a certain degree. However, dialysis is not a long-term method, that is because it is unable to replace kidneys totally. Patients will notice the decreased urine output with the long-term of dialysis treatment, which indicates the gradual loss of kidney function.

A successful kidney transplant can be a really good choice for kidney disease patients especially patients at stage 4-5 chronic kidney disease. However, receiving a kidney transplant is not an easy thing, to wait for a kidney donor may take years. Also some kidney disease patients are not suitable to receive a kidney transplant. In that case, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can become another treatment option for 15% renal function.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

If patients with 15% renal function still have some certain urine output, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy will be recommended strongly. Kidney transplant will not be the last choice until kidney disease patients have had no urine output for a long period of time. This treatment is based on Chinese herbal medicines, but used externally. Two bags filled with processed Chinese herbal medicines are put under the lower back of patients, the active materials need taking by blood circulation to kidneys with the help of osmosis device. That is the reason why urine output indicates hopes to a certain degree. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy aims at repairing kidney damage and recovering renal function through a series of special functions, which avoids kidney transplant effectively.

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