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What Are the Treatment Options with Kidney Failure

2013-01-07 10:22

For people with totally failed kidney, it is not easy or we can say it is not possible to recover the kidney function according to present medical treatment. However, for these who is diagnosed with kidney failure in early stage, there are treatment options.


Dialysis is the most commonly used medical treatment for kidney failure patients. Dialysis helps patients clean blood and shows quick treatment effects. However, as it can not help to recover kidney function, patients have to do dialysis regularly, so as to keep their blood cleaned.

Dialysis is necessary for kidney failure patients to further their life, but it can not be used as a long-term solution and it is only suitable for these whose kidneys have failed totally. For people who are diagnosed with kidney failure in early stage, there is hope for them to recover some of their kidney function. Therefore, instead of dialysis, these patients should try other treatments to get their kidney function improved. As long as their GFR is no less than 15, they can live without dialysis.

Kidney Transplant

Kidney transplant is another commonly used medical treatment for kidney failure patients. However, as it there are so many patients on the waiting list, it is not easy for one to get a matched kidney. Kidney transplant is a medical procedure in which a healthy kidney is put into kidney failure patient's body to replace failed kidney. It is helpful, but in some cases like IgA Nephropathy and FSGS, kidney failure come back again easily after kidney transplant. Also, someone may have serious injection after kidney transplant, which may deprive their life suddenly. Therefore, before kidney transplant, medical tests are necessary. Even though kidney transplant is not a perfect treatment, the importance of it in clinic is undeniable.


Immunotherapy is totally different from dialysis and kidney transplant. It is the combination of western medicine and eastern medicine. We know western medicines and eastern medicines show different treatment effects in treating kidney failure and they treat kidney failure in different way. Through combing the advantageous of them, kidney failure can be improved in some way. But this treatment is only helpful for people who are diagnosed with early stage kidney failure. For these who are kidneys are totally failed, dialysis and kidney transplant are necessary.

Kidney failure is the end stage of kidney problem and it is hard for us to reverse it. Therefore, preventing kidney failure in advance is of great importance for people to avoid dialysis and kidney transplant.

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