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What Can I Do with 6cm Kidney Size And Tiredness in Kidney Failure

2014-06-11 11:11

Many patients are tested with atrophic kidneys and they worry about their condition much. What is worse, most of them feel tired easily and could not work as normal under this condition. So what can I do? I only want to live as normal and have a happy family.

The normal size of kidneys are 10cm~12cm, so if your kidneys are both 6cm, it is dangerous and an effective therapy vital for you.

Why kidney disease patients have atrophic kidneys

The most common cause of renal atrophy of renal parenchyma of congenital or acquired diseases, secondary kidney disease, chronic pyelonephritis, aristolochic acid nephropathy caused by kidney volume smaller, lower function. Other common is the cause of renal artery stenosis, do not have urine volume for a long time, renal artery thrombosis and embolism, reflux, kidney disease, renal tuberculosis, etc.

Why kidney disease patients feel tired easily

We all know that kidney is the biggest detox organ in our body, and it also plays an important role in adjusting the balance of water and salt. So lots of toxins will build up in patients’ body and the immunity will go down and the above functions will decrease under this condition. So patients will feel tired easily.

What can I do with such case

Maybe in your world, the sole way to treat kidney failure is dialysis, which has been applied for many years in most countries. It can replace the damaged kidney to work and keep the normal operation in patients’ body, but it has no function of repairing kidney function. In Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, our therapies happen to remedy dialysis’s disadvantage. They have the functions of cleansing the polluted blood, increasing the patients’ immunity, repairing the kidney damage and what is more important, improving kidney functions naturally in the end.

If you have been with 6cm kidney size and feel tired easily in kidney failure, and you happen to love China and Chinese culture, please contact us by emailing to as soon as possible, we are here to help you all the time.

One point you must remember is that you are not alone with kidney failure, our loving family can give you a big warm hand when you need. Good luck!

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