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Why the Kidney Failure Patients can Experience Hair Loss When They Are on Dialysis

2014-07-11 16:04

Many kidney failure patients can experience hair loss when they are on Dialysis, which make them very confused and upset. While, why they can experience hair loss? According to this, we will give you detail answer that are expected to satisfy your needs, and any other questions, welcome send them to, and we will reply you as soon as possible.

What are the causes of hair loss for the patients on dialysis?

1. Malnutrition

Vitamin A deficiency, vitamin B deficiency, zinc deficiency and protein deficiency can contribute to hair loss for the kidney failure patients on dialysis.

2. Anemia

For the patients, they are more likely to experience anemia. Anemia means that there are not enough red cells in body, while, red cells have the function of transporting oxygen around the body, and the human hair follicles cells like oxygen very much. The growth of hair is affected by oxygen, so anemia can cause hair loss indirectly.

3. Medicines

Some medicines also are considered as one of reasons of hair loss. For the kidney failure patients on dialysis, they have to take many medicines to treat disease and inhibit inflammation and immune response.

How to prevent hair loss and treat kidney failure effectively?

For the patients with kidney failure, if they have no serious symptoms and complications, they can get rid of and avoid dialysis completely. In China, there are many effective natural treatments for kidney failure, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It aims at repairing the damaged kidney cells and improving the declined renal function. This therapy is used externally, and the active medicines can penetrate into kidney lesions and blood vessels to take effect. As long as you are sure that you urinate every day, we can promise that we can help you avoid dialysis and prevent hair loss. If you are interested our natural therapies, it is our pleasure to see your message on our message board.

Now, you should have gotten the answers about the causes of hair loss for the patients on dialysis and how to avoid hair loss. One more point, you also need to eat more foods under your doctor’s instruction to satisfy your body’s need.

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