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Side Effects Of Hormones For Children Chronic Kidney Failure

2013-02-26 14:29

Due to immature immune functions, children are more susceptible to some diseases than adults. Chronic kidney failure is one critical disease among children.

Children kidney failure can be caused by many factors such as congenital kidney disease, urinary tract malformation, badly controlled kidney inflammation, children nephrotic syndrome, etc. It can occur to children of all ages and diseased children can have obvious symptoms such as oliguria, anuria, poor appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, swelling, anemia, proteinuria, etc.

Treatments for children kidney failure include comprehensive measures to prevent infections, alleviate swelling by diuretics, balancing water and electrolytes, adequate resting and proper nutritions. Hormones are the main aspect for treating children with kidney disease and the commonly prescribed hormone is prednisone.

Hormone therapy can reduce pains and sufferings for patients within short time especially in the early stage of renal failure, but patients may become dependent on hormones. However long term intake of hormones will produce many side effects which will cause a lot of damages to physical and mental development for children.

·long term intake of hormones can cause growth hormone resistance in children and lead to growth retardation and protein negative balance.

· it can cause abnormal weight gaining.

· it can further lower the children’s immunity and cause elevated blood glucose, peptic ulcer, electrolyte disorder, etc.

· irregular intake of hormones can cause disease relapse and worsen kidney functions and make it more difficult to be cured.

What is more, hormones are often combined with immunosuppressant when children have developed resistance to hormones or if they have poor response to hormone therapy. Long term use of hormones and immunosuppressant will further lower the children’s immunity and make them get infections more easily. That is why hormone therapy can not cure the disease from the root and illness conditions will continue to get worse and the disease is very easy to relapse when children are catching a flu or infections.

Therefore more effective and natural treatments are required for children kidney failure. Chinese medicines and immunotherapy are all good choice for children and elderly kidney patients because they are natural and safe. They can be combined with hormones to enhance the curative effects and at the same time reducing side effects of hormone therapy.

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