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Chinese Medicine Therapy Helps Stage 5 Kidney Failure Avoid Kidney Transplant

2014-10-18 11:08

Kidney transplant is regarded as the last choice in many countries when condition develops to stage 5 kidney failure. However, some patients are not suitable to receive a kidney transplant. What is more, waiting for a donor may take years. In that case, Chinese medicine therapy can become another choice to help patients with stage 5 kidney failure avoid kidney transplant.

It is easy to understand that the only way to avoid kidney transplant is to increase kidney function to make kidneys work again. And Chinese medicine therapy helps achieve it through three aspects.

1. Promoting blood circulation and removing obstruction in channels, expanding all levels of the arteries to improve hypoxia state. After the first process, many symptoms of kidney failure including swelling, fatigue, itching skin, high blood pressure, poor appetite, nausea and vomiting, mental taste in mouth, etc will be naturally treated. You are welcomed to email us to to tell us what symptoms you are suffering, our experts will reply you with the details about treatment.

2. Removing blood stasis, immune complexes and damaged tissues out of body to block renal fibrosis. This second process helps clean the blood and avoid the further damage to kidneys effectively.

3. The third process seems to be that necessary. It repairs kidney damage and recovers renal function through offering kidneys nutrients including vitamins, organic acid, essential amino-acid, etc and promoting DNA replication of kidney cells. The increase in kidney function can be seen on their test reports.

You can tell us about how long you have been on dialysis treatment and whether you can still produce urine. After the analysis, we will know whether Chinese medicine therapies can play the obvious effects on you. As a stage 5 kidney failure patient, if you are trying to avoid kidney transplant, you are worth learning more about Chinese medicine therapy.

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