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Is It Safe to Have Acupuncture with Kidney Failure

2013-03-08 16:42

Is It Safe to Have Acupuncture with Kidney FailureAcupuncture is a Chinese therapy which has been widely used to deal with different health problem around the work and it helps to improve kidney function in kidney failure.

About acupuncture

In acupuncture, thin and long needles are inserted into the skin at certain points on the body and it works by adjusting patient’s immune system and increasing their immunity. We each human has a strong and protective immune system, by which, our body can stop harmful substances from invading into our body. However, when this system becomes abnormal or when immunity is impaired, we are susceptible to surrounding bacterium. Therefore, we get sick more easily.

About kidney failure

Kidney failure is an abnormal medical condition, in which kidneys fail to work properly. Kidneys have function to control blood pressure, secrete necessary hormone, produce urine and keep electrolyte balance and so on. Therefore, once kidney failure is caused, various symptoms like high blood pressure, decreased urine output and electrolyte disturbance occur easily.

Acupuncture in kidney failure

Acupuncture can help to improve kidney function. We know our kidneys contain various renal intrinsic cells which play important role for kidneys to function well. When these renal intrinsic cells are damaged seriously and fail to work, kidney function decreases. Acupuncture helps to improve kidney function by helping to repair these injured renal cells. We know our kidney cells have self-curative ability, which means they can recover by themselves without any medicines when the damages are mild. However, when the damage on them is out of their self-repairing ability, they will become necrotic gradually. Acupuncture stimulate patient’s immune system and increase their self-curative ability. In this way, injured renal cells recover easily. As long as much more renal cells works effectively, kidney function gets improved.

Lastly, although acupuncture is safe and helpful in treating kidney failure, it shows no or little treatment effects if we only take it as the treatment. To receive obvious treatment effects, patients also need to protect their residual renal cells, and only with comprehensive medical measure, can kidney failure be treated well.

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