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Kidney Failure Solutions Without Dialysis Treatment

2013-03-08 16:37

Kidney dialysis is the most commonly used medical method for kidney failure patients. However, because of its torturous process and serious side effects, many patients not start dialysis until their life are really and seriously threatened. Therefore, is there any other solution for kidney failure patients aside from dialysis treatment?

According to current medical technology, there are other two treatments which can be adopted to deal with kidney failure. The first one is kidney transplant and the another one is Immunotherapy.

Kidney transplant: kidney transplant actually refers to a medical surgery in which a healthy kidney is put into patient’s body to replace the failed kidneys to work. Therefore, if one wants to do kidney transplant, he must find a donor firstly. Kidney transplant is helpful to some extent, but because of its disadvantageous, it is not as common as dialysis. The common disadvantageous of kidney transplant include:

1. High reoccurrence rate of kidney disease after kidney transplant

2. Serious rejection after the transplantation

3. The donated kidney must be matched to the patients.

4. It is hard to find a kidney donor

5. Kidney transplant is expensive.

Immunotherapy: Immunotherapy is a new treatment for kidney failure and combines western medicines and estern medicines. Kidney failure is an illness condition which is always used to refers to the end consequence of acute kidney problem and chronic kidney problem. In Immunotherapy, western medicines are adopted to control symptoms which may worsen kidney condition and accelerate kidney disease. These medicines show quick treatment effects and they are essential for kidney failure patients. However, we know kidney failure is a serious illness condition and it always means kidneys have been failed in maintaining patient’s normal life. Therefore, simply controlling symptoms is far from enough. To receive obvious treatment effects, we also need to improve kidney condition. In Immunotherapy, Chinese medicines are applied to increase blood flow in kidney, increase the self-repairing ability of injured renal cells, protect residual kidney cells and supply nutrition to renal intrinsic cells. In this way, kidney condition can be improved greatly.

Dialysis is the most common treatment for kidney failure, but it is not the only one. If you are interested in the another two treatments for kidney failure, welcome to leave us message or consult our consultant for more information.

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