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How to Manage Anemia in Kidney Failure on Dialysis

2015-01-31 17:16

How to Manage Anemia in Kidney Failure on DialysisSince anemia is a common symptom in kidney failure, so patients will neglect it easily, as time goes by, anemia become more and more serious. In this situation, dialysis is needed to alleviate some symptoms, but, some patients even experience much more serious anemia with dialysis, why does this happen? How to manage this condition?

It is important to know the causes of anemia in kidney failure on dialysis. Dialysis is a treatment to remove out the toxic substances and extra fluid out of body by filtering the blood. In some cases, iron will be eliminated out of body along with the filtering process.

Owing to the limitations of dialysis treatment, some patients may experience inadequate dialysis. Some substances can not be eliminated out of body completely. And they will make damage to the kidneys, leading to the decreasing kidney function, erythropoietin can not be produced fully with the decreasing kidney function, leading to anemia.

We know the causes of anemia on kidney failure, we should deal with it from causes. The treatments in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital have the function of eliminating all kinds of toxin substances in the body.

Blood Purification

It is consist of Hemodialysis, Plasma Exchange, Immune Adoption, Hemoperfusion, Hemofiltration. Hemodialysis just can eliminate small size of toxic substances out of body, Hemofiltration just can remove out the small and middle size of toxic substances, Immune Adoption is applied for immune related disease. Plasma Exchange is done to place the new plasma to replaced the polluted plasma. This treatment aims at eliminating toxic substances out of body completely, helping patients alleviate some serious symptoms.

Medicated Bath

This therapy is applied with the a basin of medicated water. Before patients go to sleep, they should have a foot bath, it can promote microciculation of whole body, so as to relive hypoxia and ischemia, supply sufficient oxygen and blood to the kidneys, improve kidney function, help patients have less dialysis or even stop dialysis.

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