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How To Improve Kidney Functions

2013-03-12 14:51

Kidneys are vital organs for maintaining balance of water, electrolytes, hormones, regulating blood pressure, strengthening the bones and generating enough red blood cells. Kidneys have the basic functions of producing urine and at the same time discharging wasteful products from metabolism out of the body.

However the kidneys are also very fragile, it is easy to be injured or damaged. When renal parenchyma or renal vascular are damaged, part or even all kidney functions will be lost. Kidneys have great compensatory abilities, often kidney disease patients have no obvious symptoms until more than 50% kidney functions are lost. When kidneys are severely damaged patients will have a series of symptoms such as swelling, electrolyte abnormalities, high blood pressure, urine changes, bone problems, anemia, etc.

Conventional treatments for kidney disease mainly aim at relieving these symptoms without repairing damaged renal tissues or improving kidney functions, that is why the illness conditions often reoccur when the drugs are stopped or reduced in dosage or under some inducements of cold, infections or tiredness.

Only if damaged renal tissues are repaired and kidney functions are improved and recovered, can we say that kidney disease is cured. The following are several treatments that can not only treat symptoms but also can improve kidney functions so as to treat both the primary and secondary aspects of kidney diseases.

Kidney transplant

End stage renal failure patients are not unfamiliar with kidney transplant because many of them will be put on the waiting list for a donor kidney while they are on maintenance dialysis. Kidney transplant can help them get rid of dialysis and rebuild their kidney functions. Successful transplant of one kidney can improve 50% kidney functions.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Though kidney transplant is very effective, it usually will fail within years. What is more, not every kidney patients can and be able to do kidney transplant. If so, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is another good choice for them. Though it takes longer time than kidney transplant to have curative effects, it is more natural and safer. It is an external application of Chinese medicines. The active ingredients in the medicines have the functions of vasodilation, anti-coagulation, anti-inflammation and degradation of extracellular matrix. It can promote blood circulation and increase blood flow to the kidneys and other vital organs. It also contains many nutritions to nourish the renal tissues which can help refresh damaged renal tissues and generate new renal functioning tissues so as to gradually restore renal structures and improve kidney functions.

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