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Traditional Chinese Medicines For Chronic Renal Failure

2013-03-12 16:56

traditional Chinese medicinesChronic renal failure is not easy to be treated because it usually develops over months or even years. And we all know that it usually takes much longer time to cure a disease than to get a disease, especially if the the disease is a chronically progressive one.

Though Chinese medicines can not relieve or control the symptoms within short time as that of western medicines, it have overall regulation on the whole body. When there is curative effects, the effects will be lasting since the root problems can be solved after the treatment with Chinese medicines.

Herbal Chinese medicines are just one major part of TCM but not the whole about TCM. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a system including herbal medicines but also many external applications such as osmosis treatment, acupuncture, massage, medicated bath, etc. According to the patient’s symptoms, complications and other illness conditions, different therapies will be selected and a personalized treatment plan will be designed.

Curative effects of TCM for chronic renal failure

* Serious symptoms such as swelling, proteinuria, hematuria, high blood pressure, kidney pains, frequent urinary tract infections, etc will all be alleviated.

* Complications such as respiratory and digestive disorders will be alleviated; renal anemia, cardiovascular lesions will all be improved.

* Remove toxins and purify the blood. TCM can help remove creatinine, uric acid, urea from the blood as well as other toxic substances.

* Cleanse the kidneys and prevent further deterioration. TCM can promote blood circulation, remove blood and qi stasis as well as immune complex, extracellular matrix and inflammatory factors out of the kidney and prevent further loss of kidney functions.

* New renal functioning tissues will be generated. Chinese medicines can provide necessary nutritions such as essential amino acids, vitamins to renal tissues so as to repair damaged renal tissues and generate new tissues to replace the dead and necrotic ones.

* With all the above mentioned curative effects, kidney functions will be gradually recovered.

Toxicity of traditional Chinese Medicines

We can not deny that some herbal Chinese medicines do have certain toxicity to the kidneys such as aristolochia. However most Chinese medicines have very little or even no side effects to the kidneys and body if they are taken with correct methods under the guidance of professional practitioner of Chinese medicines. It is necessary to ask for the doctor’s permission before adding any Chinese medicines to your treatment plan especially if you are taking other prescribed medicines now.

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