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How to Fix Kidney Failure

2013-03-14 10:32

How to fix kidney failure? To get damaged kidneys are fixed, we need to start from damaged renal intrinsic cells. Kidney failure is an abnormal illness condition in which kidneys are fail to work normally, leading to a series of problems like itching skin, bubbles in urine, blood in urine, swollen body, elevated blood pressure and so on. Therefore, by fixing kidney failure, these problems can be solved. However, how to fix kidney failure on earth?

Kidney condition can be affected by our diet and living style, so having well-planed diet and good living habits is very helpful. However, for a kidney disease patient, aside from arranging his diet and living style well, he also needs to repair damaged renal intrinsic cells.

Kidney contains 5 kinds of intrinsic cells and they play different role. When they are damaged, kidney function decreases and various symptoms will appear. Kidney failure is a serious illness condition in which massive renal intrinsic cells have been damaged. Under such a condition, we need to improve our kidney condition by repairing these injured renal cells, and only in this way, can kidney failure symptoms be remitted from the root. Actually, similar with cells in our other parts of our body, our renal intrinsic cells also have self-curative ability. When there is mild damages on them, they can recover by themselves. However, when the damage is out of their self-curative ability, they will become necrotic, so a timely diagnosis and treatment is of great significance.

Chinese medicine is based on natural herbs which have a certain of medical function. With history over 5000 years, they have been applied to treat different kinds of refractory diseases and they indeed show great treatment effects on many diseases. In the past several years, Chinese herbs have been successfully used to treat kidney failure and some of the herbs have been proven to be effective in repair kidney damages. With the help of Chinese herbs, self-curative ability of renal intrinsic cells can be increased and some of them can recover effectively. Besides, Chinese herbs also can offer the injured renal cells with abundant nutrient substances, which also help to fix injured renal intrinsic cells.

Kidney failure can not be cured, but it can be fixed well with effective treatment method. Therefore, the key point to fix kidney failure is to find a right treatment method.

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