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The Importance of Antihypertensive In Chronic Kidney Failure

2013-03-14 11:02

antihypertensive in chronic kidney failureAntihypertensive refers to a class of medications that are commonly used to deal with high blood pressure in chronic kidney failure. It plays an important role in treating chronic kidney failure, because high blood pressure can deteriorate kidney condition directly.

High blood pressure in chronic kidney failure

High blood pressure is also known as Hypertension, a medical term that used to describe the high impact of blood flow on vascular wall. For people with hypertension, they are at high risk to suffer from chronic kidney failure, because long-term high blood pressure will damage renal blood vessels and thus cause kidney damages.

High blood pressure can occur as a cause of chronic kidney failure, also it can occur as a symptom of chronic kidney disease. Kidneys have function to adjust blood pressure and when kidney function is impaired, excessive fluids and sodium can not be discharged, leading to high pressure in blood. Besides, kidney damages reduce blood flow in kidney, which will stimulate kidney and make it release massive renin. High renin level increases the activity of Angiotensin, which makes blood vessels shrink and therefore elevates pressure in blood.

Importance of Antihypertensive in Chronic Kidney Failure

1. Antihypertensive medications help to reduce the risk of stroke. With high blood pressure, chronic kidney failure patients are at high risk to develop stroke. However, with antihypertensive medications, the risk of stroke can be reduced by 34%.

2. Myocardial infarction is a common complication of high blood pressure and the morbidity of it can be reduced by 21% with antihypertensive medicines.

3. Antihypertensive medicines also help chronic kidney failure patients to reduce the likelihood of dementia, heart failure and mortality from cardiovascular disease.

4. Help to control chronic kidney failure: chronic kidney failure is the chronic progressive loss of kidney function and has a long course. Without timely control of symptoms like high blood pressure, chronic kidney failure develops to end stage renal disease (ESRD) quickly. Therefore, antihypertensive medications help to slow down the progression of chronic kidney failure to some extent.

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