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12% Kidney Function in Kidney Failure : How Long Can I live

2015-06-22 16:12

12% Kidney Function in Kidney Failure : How Long Can I live12% kidney function means that you are already at stage 5 kidney failure which is the last stage of kidney disease. For patients who are at this stage, how long can they live becomes a question which concerns patients most and their family members.

What needs patients to notice is that it is meaningless to know how long can you live, the key point is to know how to help patients live longer. Only by this way, patients can have a health life.

As for this problem, there are three factors can be taken into consideration, including dialysis, kidney transplant, and natural treatments.

Dialysis is the replacement of kidneys to clear away the wastes products as well as toxins. And dialysis also takes effects in reliving some poisoning symptoms and help patients live a better life. What is worse, dialysis is not a treatment to help patients live longer, because the normal kidney function is still losing when patients are on dialysis.

Kidney transplant is another alternative treatment to help patients to live longer. kidney transplant is a procedure which the new kidney was placed in the body to replace the diseased one. The new kidney can replace the diseased kidney do the regular work. Patients may think that patients can live a better life rely on kidney transplant for the rest of their life. There is always a chance that the transplanted kidney will reject your body tissues around your kidneys. At that time, patients have to seek for another kidney or back to dialysis again.

Owing to its natural and fundamental effects, more and more tend to choose Traditional Chinese Medicine. And many renal experts who have abundant working experiences develop a natural treatment called Medicated Bath. This is a therapy used externally. The main ingredients in this therapy are Chinese herbs. And then, the Chinese herbs should be refined into powder under the guidance of doctors. The powder should be shattered into water, patients just need to take a bath into the medicated water for about 30 minutes, during the process of bath treatment, patients will sweat a lot, the toxic substances can be eliminated out of body along with large amount of urine and sweat. This is helpful to promote the microcirculation of whole body and provide a health environment to help the diseased cells and kidney tissues repaired.

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