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New Developments in Kidney Failure Treatment

2013-03-25 11:25

New Developments in Kidney Failure TreatmentMany patients with kidney disease consider kidney failure as a death sentence, because in the past, patients with kidney failure have to rely on dialysis to live for several years without a successful kidney transplant. In view of this, many kidney experts strive to find some new developments in kidney failure treatment. Fortunately, they do make some big breakthroughs in recent years.

Kidney failure is a condition where nearly all of kidney function has lost so patients have to use some kidney replacement therapy to maintain their life. Dialysis is a most common kidney replacement therapy. We must affirm that dialysis indeed plays a big role in kidney failure treatment, because it has prolonged many kidney failure patients’ life span successfully. However, long-term dialysis may cause some life-threatening complications that urges both patients and kidney experts to make some other advances.

The new developments in kidney failure treatment

Since no specific in western medicine or traditional Chinese medicine can help treat kidney failure effectively, the best method is to combine them. Immunotherapy, as one great breakthrough in treating end-stage kidney disease, is just a combination of advanced western medical technologies and traditional Chinese herbal medicines, so this therapy mainly has two big effects. One is to purify patients’ blood, just as dialysis does. Through selecting mose suitable blood purification method for these patients, the wastes and toxins in the body can be cleansed more thoroughly. A clear internal environment can pave a good preparation for the following treatment. The other effect of Immunotherapy is to repair damaged kidney cells which is due to poor blood and oxygen supply. To alter this situation, some herbal medicines such as rheum officinale and astragalus mongholicus are used to increase the blood flow on the kidney to transport enough nutrition to the damaged cells. After a period of treatment, these kidney cells can recover to work again, so patients’ kidney function and life quality can be improved largely. Once patients’ kidney function is increased to more than 15%, it is possible for these patients to avoid dialysis or further dialysis.

Now, these new developments in kidney failure treatment have helped many patients. If you are suffering from renal failure, hope it can also do something for you.

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