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What Chinese Medicines are Recommended for Patients with Kidney Failure

2015-10-25 17:25

Chinese Medicine treat Kidney FailureKidney failure has been considered as the most difficult disease in the world and dialysis and kidney transplant can not solve the problem fundamentally, Thereby, patients are eager to know what Chinese medicines are recommended for patients with kidney failure.

The medicines for kidney failure are listed as following:

Medicated Bath

Medicated Bath mainly includes Foot Bath and whole bath. In Foot Bath, a great deal of Chinese herbs will be refined into powder and then it is shattered into water. In Foot Bath, patients need to immerse their feet for about 30 minutes. With Foot Bath, micro-circulation of whole body can be promoted. In Medicated Bath, patients need to immerse their whole body into medicated for about 30-40 minutes. During the process of medicated bath, patients will sweat a lot and the toxins and wastes products can be eliminated out of body along with large amount of sweat and urine. The symptom of skin itching can be relived remarkably with medicated bath.

Oral form of Chinese Medicine

It refers to that herbal medicine prescribed for patients should be taken orally for patients. The medicines have remarkable function in dredging the channel and activating blood circulation.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

The main materials in this therapy are numerous Chinese herbs. Different from other form of kidney disease treatments, this treatment is a external application. And, in order to improve its efficiency, the Chinese herbs are refined into powder. And then, the powder is packaged into two medicated bags. What needs patients do is to lie down on the two medicated bags. Through a method of connecting with the two medicated bags and osmotic machine, the active substances in Chinese herbs can come out and then penetrate into kidney lesions directly.

The Chinese herbs for kidney failure have been listed, if you want to know more details about the natural treatments, please send your present condition and phone number to, a specific treatment plan will be made according to you current condition.

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