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How To Help Cure Kidney Failure Naturally

2013-03-29 15:02

At the mention of kidney failure, we will naturally think about dialysis and kidney transplant. They are conventional treatment options for kidney failure. However dialysis can not cure the disease and kidney transplant can not be called a natural cure for kidney failure. Though the successful rate of kidney transplant has been greatly improved, the survival rate and life span of kidney transplant is still a worry for both the nephrologists and patients.

Recently the combination of Chinese therapies and western therapies has been advocated. Chinese medicines can help cure kidney failure more naturally than mere relying on traditional therapies.

For patients that have not begun dialysis treatment

If patients have not begun dialysis and there is still fairly urine output, there is great chance that kidney functions are improved. Chinese medicines can be combined with conventional drugs and medicines under the guidance of professional practitioners of Chinese medicines. Chinese medicines can greatly relieve the side effects of conventional drugs and shorten the treatment course. If kidney functions can be improved or at least illness progression can be halted, patients can stay in this stage for long time so that dialysis and kidney transplant can be delayed.

For dialysis patients

Dialysis patients can also benefit a lot from Chinese medicines especially if patients still have urine flow. Urine is hope for many dialysis patients. For those that have begun dialysis for one or several times, they have great chance to get rid of dialysis. For those that have been on dialysis for years, Chinese medicines can help ease the side effects and complications brought by dialysis. And gradually the frequency and duration of dialysis will be reduced so that patients can suffer less from dialysis and this can help them save some money.

For kidney transplant patients

Organ rejection and infections are the major concerns for kidney transplant patients and they are the main causes that can damage the new kidneys. Some Chinese medicines can function as natural anti-rejection drugs without causing any harms to the body. Chinese medicines can also help reduce the risk of infections so as to greatly improve the life span of the transplanted kidneys.

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