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Ketosteril For Kidney Failure

2013-04-02 16:04

ketosteril kidney failureIf you are a kidney failure patient and suffer from high creatinine and high BUN, but it is still early to begin dialysis treatment, your doctor may prescribe ketosteril to help lower high creatinine and treat kidney failure.

Kidney failure patients need to limit protein intake to slow down the decline rate of kidney functions, relieve metabolic disorders and protect residual kidney functions. Whether low-protein diets can achieve these effects, to a large degree, depends on whether the patient’s body can have adequate supply of essential amino acids, calories and other nutritions.

Ketosteril contains all the amino acids that kidney failure patients need. It also contains keto/hydroxy analogue calcium salt which can increase calcium intake so as to help rectify phosphorus and calcium imbalances as well as bone problems, skin problems due to too much phosphorus and low calcium. Compared with amino acids supplements, ketosteril can reduce the intake of urea so as to further lower creatinine level and urea in the blood.

Ketosteril, along with low-protein diets can help lower blood triglyceride and increase high-density lipoprotein cholesterol. This is very important for kidney failure patients because it can help reduce atherosclerosis and lower the risk of heart problems and other cardiovascular complications so as to much lower the mortality of kidney failure and prolong the patient’s life span.

The curative effects will be much better if ketosteril is combined with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Ketosteril can lower high creatinine and high BUN, ease symptoms and complications so as to slow down illness progression, but it can not reverse renal damages. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can promote active ingredients to penetrate into renal lesions to promote replication of DNA in damaged renal cells so as to repair damaged renal tissues, recover renal structure and improve kidney functions.

If you are taking ketosteril drug now, it is important to have regular check of blood calcium level because ketosteril can cause hypercalcemia. In case of higher than normal serum calcium level, reduce the dosage of ketosteril under the doctor’s guidance and at the same time reduce the intake of vitamin D and calcium-rich foods.

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