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Immunotherapy Helps Renal Failure Avoid Dialysis

2013-04-04 09:57

Dialysis is one important treatment for renal failure patients and it is considered to be the only treatment choice for end stage renal failure if they have no chance of receiving kidney transplant.

With continuous development of medical science and technologies, it has become possible that renal failure patients can survive without dialysis. Immunotherapy can help achieve this goal. Let’s learn about renal failure, dialysis and immunotherapy.

Why renal failure patients need to have dialysis? Renal failure patients have only less than 15%-10% kidney functions, they will develop a series of symptoms such as high creatinine, high BUN due to buildup of wastes and toxins in the blood, as well as anemia, high blood pressure, etc. Dialysis is an important renal replacement therapy to help complete some functions of the kidneys. Dialysis can help filter and purify the blood so as to remove excess water, electrolytes as well as metabolic wastes and toxins such as uric acid, urea, creatinine, etc.

Why dialysis is hard to be stopped once it is started? Dialysis can prolong the patient’s life expectancy, but it can not cure renal failure. Even with dialysis, the residual kidney functions will continue to be lost. If kidney functions can not be improved, it will be very dangerous to stop dialysis.

Is there any chance for renal failure get rid of dialysis? So long as kidney functions are improved, patients need not to rely on this artificial kidney. Kidney transplant can rebuild the patient’s kidney functions so as to help patients get rid of dialysis, but not every patient can find a matching donor. And there are some illness conditions that are contraindicated to operate kidney transplant. There is a more natural remedy for renal failure than kidney transplant. That is immunotherapy.

Immunotherapy treats renal failure without dialysis. Immunotherapy is not surgery and it tries to minimize side effects or injuries to the kidneys and the body. Steroids and immunosuppressants will also be used, but the side effects are much reduced and the treatment with these drugs are much shortened. Dialysis and blood purification will be used, but they are the means to purify the blood so as to provide a favorable internal environments for following medicines and treatment to take better effects to repair renal damages and recover kidney functions. As has been mentioned above, dialysis can be stopped naturally and safely when renal functions are improved.

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