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How Do You Treat Kidney Disease More Effective

2016-02-20 14:34

How Do You Treat Kidney Disease More Effective As a chronic kidney disease, if chronic kidney disease can not be treated with effective treatment, the kidney damage becomes more and more severe. While, what should we do to control and treat kidney disease effectively?

Four”one” Treatment is the best treatment in our hospital. And then, it will be explained as following, a bottle of Maikang Mixture, oral form of Chinese medicine, and a does of external application and a basin of Foot Bath.

A bottle of MaiKang Mixture. There are three major functions in Maikang Mixture, including tonifying Qi, activate blood circulation and dilate blood vessels. So, Maikang Mixture is the first choice for patients to eliminate various toxic substances in the body.

A does of oral form of Chinese medicine. You have to take it everyday. The herbal medicines contained in this therapy are prescribed according to different patients, different illness condition and different treatment period. It is aimed at eliminating various toxic substances deposited in the body.

A does of external application. This refers to external application. And the man purpose of this therapy is to dilate blood vessels and activate blood circulation.

A basin of Foot Bath. You have to take Foot Bath treatment before you go to sleep. By taking this treatment, the purpose of dilating blood vessels and activating blood vessels can be achieve naturally.

You have to pay attention to the time that you undergo external application and Foot Bath. You have to take external application at morning and afternoon and take Foot Bath treatment at night. The main purpose of this treatment is to improve the efficiency of the oral form of Chinese medicine. As long as the blood vessels is dilated and blood circulation is promoted, the oral form of Chinese medicine can take the best effects.

With the help of the four treatment, your immunity can be improved and steroids treatment can be avoided naturally.

Are you interested in this therapy? Do you want to know more details about this therapy? Please send your present condition to The renal doctor will reply you as soon as possible.

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