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Is Diuretic Therapy Injudicious in Management of Renal Failure

2013-04-08 10:33

Diuretic therapy will be adopted when renal failure patients are experiencing serious edema and hypertension. It is helpful for patients to remit symptoms; however, some people have the idea that diuretic therapy is injudicious in management of renal failure. Is the statement true? And is there any other methos that can help to deal with renal failure effectively aside from diuretic therapy?

To know clearly why diuretic therapy is injudicious wise or not, let’s learn how diuretic therapy helps renal failure patients firstly.

Hypertension and edema are the common two symptoms of renal failure and all are closely related with fluid retention. In normal cases, excess fluids can be discharged by our kidneys; however, when kidney function is impaired, excess fluids build up in the blood vessels and intercellular space, leading to hypertension and edema. Hypertension increases the burden of heart and may thus cause heart problems. Therefore, diuretic therapy is very helpful for renal failure patients to protect their heart form being affected.

Diuretic refers to a group of medicines which can promotes the production of urine. When excess fluids in the body are removed as the form of urine, edema and hypertension are remitted. Diuretic therapy is beneficial for renal failure patients, but it is not the only medical therapy.

In renal failure, fluid retention occurs because of decreased kidney function, so as long as kidney condition gets improved, extra fluids can be discharged and also symptoms like edema and hypertension are alleviated effectively. In clinic, Immunotherapy shows special treatment effects in improving kidney conditions. Immunotherapy is a combination of western medicines and Chinese medicines. Western medicines are firstly adopted to help renal failure patients get their symptoms controlled and this will help to avoid further kidney damages. After that, when patient’s illness condition is stable, Chinese medicines are applied to repair injured kidney intrinsic cells. Renal failure progresses as more and more kidney intrinsic cells lose their working ability. Similar with our other cells, kidney intrinsic cells also have self-curative ability, which means they can recover by themselves in some cases. However, when the damage is out of their self-curative ability, they become necrotic and lose working ability. For a patient with renal failure, there are healthy, injured and dead kidney intrinsic cells. For these dead kidney intrinsic cells, we can not revive them, but for these injured cells, some Chinese medicines can be adopted to help them get recovery. As long as these injured kidney cells are repaired, they begin to work again and also kidney function gest improved.

Diuretic therapy is helpful and necessary in some cases. However, as it can not improve kidney function, it can not solve problem from the roots. For renal failure patients, as long as their kidney function is improved, all the symptoms will be remitted at the same time.

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