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Chinese Medicines For End Stage Renal Failure

2013-04-09 17:40

end stage renal failure Chinese medicinesEnd stage renal failure is often associated with dialysis and kidney transplant. Under the guidance of professional practitioner of Chinese medicines, the add of some Chinese medicine formula has been proved to help slow down the progression of renal failure, improve kidney functions, help dialysis patients suffer less from the side effects and complications of dialysis and help kidney transplant patients to strengthen their kidneys and improve the life span of the transplanted kidney.

Chinese medicines can eliminate blood stasis, qi stagnation so as to clean meridians and activate blood flow so as to relieve renal ischemia and hypoxia so as to repair and activate damaged renal functional cells. Chinese medicines also have anti-inflammatory properties.

Poria Cocos

It is a natural Chinese medicine for the kidneys, heart and spleen. It has diuretics effect so as to relieve swelling in the face, hands, feet, legs, ankles, etc. It can also help ease mental stress and make the patient’s mind peaceful.

Often, Poria Cocos need to be taken with some other Chinese medicines including Cinnamomum Ramulus, Paeonia Cortex, Persica Semen, etc. Different medicines will be used according to the patient’s specific illness conditions.

Asian Ginseng

It is widely used in clinic to treat various health problems and it can help protect organ functions especially the kidney functions. It is effective at treating end stage renal disease because it can help protect renal functional cells from damages and injuries and support kidney functions.


It is used to treat kidney disease and urinary tract problems. It is taken as tea to help prevent and treat fluid retention, cystitis and inflammations in the prostate and kidneys.

Consult a Chinese medicine practitioner to help design a well-planed Chinese medicine treatment. Inform him your current medicines and drugs and treatments so as to achieve better curative effects with proper dosage and at the same time reduce the possible side effects and avoid potential drug interactions.

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