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TCM for End Stage Chronic Renal Failure

2013-04-10 15:50

TCM for End Stage Chronic Renal FailureIn recent years, more and more people with chronic renal failure turn their attention to traditional Chinese herbal medicines (TCM), because herbal medicines, compared with western medicines, are better for damaged kidney. Here, you can know the effect of TCM for end stage chronic renal failure.

Overview of chronic renal failure

Chronic Renal Failure is a chronically progressive condition in which patients’ kidney fails gradually as a consequence of poor blood and oxygen supply to kidney cells. However, if uncontrolled effectively, patients’ condition may develop end stage chronic renal failure finally. In end stage chronic renal failure, nearly of their kidney function has lost, so they have to rely on dialysis or kidney transplant to live, but side effects of long-term dialysis and long waiting list of kidney donor almost breaks their hope of brand new life.

TCM gives people with end stage renal failure another hope

Different from both dialysis and kidney transplant, the ultimate purpose of traditional Chinese herbal medicines is to transport enough blood and oxygen for damaged kidney tissues rather than replacing the kidney function or giving the patient a new kidney. With the joint effect of external application herbal medicines, oral medicines, medicated bath, acupuncture, etc, TCM does increase the blood flow on the kidney and increase blood circulation. As a result, the impaired kidney cells can be repaired gradually with enough blood and oxygen supply. Here, we recommend two herbal medicines: astragalus mongholicus and rheum officinale. These two kinds of herbal medicines have an obvious effect of improving renal failure patients’ kidney function. Of course, during the treatment, many other herbal medicines should also be added, but it should depend on patients’ specific condition to determine which medicine is needed.

If you are experiencing end stage renal failure, don’t give up. As long as your kidney function is improved, you can still enjoy your life just like others, but this good result needs the joint effort of doctor and yourself.

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