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Homeopathy Treatment For Renal Failure

2013-04-15 15:43

There are at present many treatment options for renal failure and there will be more and more promising treatments that are on the trial. Homeopathy is one important treatment for renal failure.

The theoretic basis of homeopathy treatment is that to treat a disease, the drugs and medicines that can cause the same symptoms of the disease are needed. It holds that the human body has powerful self-healing system.

Benefits of homeopathy treatment for renal failure

Different medicines and drugs will be used according to the severity of renal failure and it has been shown that patients of all stages of renal failure can benefits from homeopathy. It can be used for dialysis patients and those that have done kidney transplant.

It can help ease symptoms and discomforts of renal failure such as fatigue, swelling, high blood pressure, anemia, infections and other sickness. What is more important, it can help preserve residual kidney function and slow down illness progression.

For dialysis patients, it can help reduce side effects and complications of dialysis. For kidney transplant patients, it can help lower the risk of organ rejection and infections.

Proper diet is one important aspect of homeopathy treatment because the body needs adequate nutritional supply to perform its self-repairing ability. Protein and sodium need to be reduced; potassium, phosphorus need to be controlled and vitamins, essential amino acids and calories should be adequate.

Therefore if the conventional treatments have failed to treat your disease, you can consult a professional homeopathy practitioner and this might be helpful for you. It can be used along or combine with conventional treatments.

Of cause, there are some objections and not every patients can achieve the expected effects. For those that have very advanced renal damages, it is recommended that homeopathy treatment should not be used along.

Homeopathy treatment is a holistic system of medicines. That is to say, it does not only treat renal failure but also regard the patient as a whole to alleviate symptoms and complications in all systems and organs. What is more important, it can address the underlying cause so as to treat renal failure from the root.

At last, I need to remind renal failure patients that a trained homeopathic doctor should be consulted before beginning any homeopathic drugs or medicines.

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