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How to Reverse Chronic Kidney Failure with Herbs

2013-04-23 17:03

Can Chronic Kidney Failure be reversed? When it comes to this questions, most of the people will get the answer “No”. However, as a matter of fact, Chronic Kidney Failure can be reversed with herbs to some extent.

Kidney is a complex organ with bean structure. In a kidney, there are different kinds of kidney tissues and they play different role in maintaining our normal life. When these kidney tissues are damaged and fail to work properly, kidney function will be impaired and various symptoms occur. With different pathological changes, Chronic Kidney Disease patients usually have different clinical manifestations. For an individual with Chronic Kidney Failure, most of his kidney tissues have been damaged and he can not live normally, so dialysis is needed to replaced the failed kidneys to work.

Chronic Kidney Failure is marked by progressive loss of kidney function. For a Chronic Kidney Failure patient, there are healthy, injured and dead kidney intrinsic cells. For these dead kidney tissues, they can not be revived according to current medical technology, but for these injured kidney intrinsic cells, they can be repaired with some herbs which can active these injured cell and offer them necessary nutrition. When these injured kidney cells are repaired and perform function again, Chronic Kidney Failure is reversed to some extent.

Although Chronic Kidney Failure can be reversed to some extent, not every kidney failure patients have chance to reverse their illness condition. Generally speaking, only people who still have a certain of urine output have the chance to improve their kidney condition. Kidneys are in charge of producing urine; there is urine output means there are healthy kidney tissues and there are blood flow into kidney. Effective ingredients flow into kidneys to repair injured kidney cells through blood, so as long as there is blood flow in kidney, there is chance to reverse Chronic Kidney Failure.

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