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Chinese Medicines Help Kidney Failure Patients to Reduce Dialysis

2013-04-24 15:48

It is hard to get rid of dialysis once start, but for kidney failure patients, dialysis frequency can be reduced with Chinese medicines.

Dialysis is necessary for life safety when kidney failure runs to a very severe stage. With different amount of residual kidney function, dialysis frequency for kidney failure will be greatly different from case to case. They may need to do dialysis for once, twice, and even three times a week. Dialysis is assistant and necessary for kidney failure patients, but with long time application, dialysis side effects will be caused. Therefore, reducing dialysis frequency is very significant for kidney failure patients. Now, let’s learn how to reduce dialysis with Chinese medicines.

In clinic, Chinese medicines help kidney failure patients reduce dialysis by repairing some injured kidney function to improve kidney function. Dialysis is needed as there are high toxins in blood which may damage other organs and cause unnecesary health tissues. Therefore, when kidney function is improved, more toxins will be discharged timely and also dialysis frequency will be reduced successfully.

Chinese medicine refers a grop of antient and magical medicines used in China. They are mainly herbs, so Chinese medicine also can be called Chinese herb. In clinic, there are various forms of herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage (Tui na), exercise (qinggong) and dietary therapy. They show different treatment effects on kidney failure patients who have started dialysis, and some of them have been proven to be effective in activating injured kidney intrinsic cells to work again. Actually, similar with our other cells, our kidney intrinsic cells also have self-repairing ability, but they will become necrotic and lose their working ability when the damage is out of their self-repairing ability. Therefore, it is very essential to help these injured kidney cells to recover before they are necrotic. Also, this decides the fact not every kidney failure patient have chance to improve his kidney function and reduce his dialysis frefuency. Generally speaking, only people who still have urine output has the chance to reduce dialysis.

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