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Latest Treatment Of Stage 5 Renal Disease

2013-04-26 14:47

Traditional treatments for stage 5 renal disease include steroids, immunosuppressants, Chinese medicines, dialysis, kidney transplantation. They all have their advantages for treating renal disease, but they all have some disadvantages. More and more researches and studies have been put to find more effective and natural treatment. Immunotherapy is the latest treatment for stage 5 renal disease patients. It is the ideal combination of Chinese therapies and western therapies.

In clinic, it has long been observed that both Chinese therapies and western therapies have advantages and disadvantages in treating kidney diseases. Western therapies have quick and obvious effects at relieving clinical symptoms, but they can not solve the root problem and the disease is easy to relapse. Chinese therapies aim at repairing damaged tissues so as to recover normal functions, therefore the curative effect is durable. But it takes relatively longer time.

The combination of Chinese and western therapies has greatly enhanced the efficacy, the course of treatment is greatly shortened and relapse rate is much lowered.

Immunotherapy is a systemic and scientific treatment system and it consists of 6 steps including immune diagnosis, immune clearance, immune blocking, immune tolerance, immune regulation and immune protection. Each step has its particular advantages over traditional treatment.

Exact diagnosis can help make clear the underlying cause of renal damages as well the exact location and severity of renal damages. This can help provide accurate guidance for the following treatment.

Immune clearance include dialysis and more advanced blood purification technologies such as plasma exchange, immune adsorption which help achieve a better internal environment for the medicines and treatments to take better effects.

Immune blocking and immune tolerance mainly adopt immunosuppressants to prevent further deterioration and protect residual kidney functions.

Immune regulation and immune protect mainly use Chinese medicines to repair damaged renal tissues and improving renal functions and protect the kidneys from potential damages or injuries.

Immunotherapy regards the patient’s body as a whole. It can not only treat kidney problems and enhance kidney functions but also can address other health issues such as hypertension, diabetes, heart problems, etc.

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