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How to Prolong the Residual Kidney Function in Kidney Failure

2013-05-02 09:55

Kidney failure can not be cured so far, so the key point for patients as of now is to prolong the residual kidney function. For kidney failure patients who have not started dialysis, they can live with no dialysis or kidney transplant if the residual kidney function can be prolonged. And for these with dialysis, effective protection of residual kidney function will helo to lower their risk for increasing dialysis frequency. Therefore, no matter for kidney failure patients with dialysis or with no dialysis, prolonging the residual kidney function means a lot.

Kidney is composed of different kidney tissues which perform function and helps us maintain a normal life. In cases of kidney failure, kidney is damaged and some of the kidney tissues have lost their working ability. Under such a condition, burden on the residual kidney tissues is high and if this condition lasts for a long time, residual kidney tissues are damaged easily. Therefore, to prolong the residual kidney function, kidney failure patients need to adjust their diet to reduce burden on kidney.

Kidneys are responsible for discharing excess fluid, electrolyte, wastes and preserve nutrition like protein in blood. In this light, adjusting fluid intake, protein intake and electrolyte intake will be necessary. In general, kidney failure patients need to eat less foods with high salt, potassium, phosphorus and protein. But remember to ingest some high quality protein which is usually found in fish, milk, egg white and lean meat. A proper diet is necessary for kidney failure patients to prolong the residual kidney function, but it is not the only thing that kidney failure patients can do.

In an affected kidney, there are healthy, injured and dead kidney tissues. These dead kidney tissues can not be revived, but for these injured kidney tissues, some of them which are injured mildly can be repaired with some Chinese medicines which can increase their self-curative ability and offer them necessary nutritions. When much more kidney tissues perform function, burden on the residual kidney tissues is reduced greatly and this can help to prolong the residual kidney function as well.

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